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Behaviour Support and Training use a Positive Behaviour Support framework so that we can understand the meaning of a person’s challenging behaviour and identify strategies to more safely and acceptably meet their needs.  We are committed to working collaboratively towards achieving the goals of our clients. 


Following our training to become Psychologists, we completed further training with the Institute of Applied Behaviour Analysis.  We hold full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), are Board-approved supervisors for Psychologists, and are approved providers under the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Medicare.  We have also presented at National Conferences and seminars regarding Behaviour Support practices, and our clinical work in this area.          

Behaviour support
Sam McGowan
Psychologist / Director

It is a great day when I can assist someone to pursue their own goals, however incremental the steps towards change might be. I have 18 years experience working with people with disabilities who have challenging behaviour.  Learning about my clients and their families and carers is tremendously satisfying.

I take particular interest in treatment integrity. That is, is an intervention being delivered the way it was agreed? I have observed during my career that many clients are subject to repeated assessment and intervention planning, sometimes with little evidence of the interventions being implemented. I am thus keen to assist organisations to develop practices that ensure optimal integrity of intervention.


I continue to participate in the reform agenda regarding restrictive practices, which has given me experience presenting my work to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Public Guardian, and direct service providers. In 2011 I won the Minister for Disability Services Innovation Award. I have been a guest presenter to university classes. In November 2017 my work was published in the International Journal of Positive Behaviour Support. I am eager to continue to lead research in behavioural intervention.

I am also a wife, mum, and aspiring fisher-woman.


Behaviour support
Nicole Lahey
Psychologist / Director
I am driven to reduce the stigma associated with challenging behaviour use through working collaboratively to better understand and more effectively meet a client’s behavioural needs.   I strive to improve a family's or team's capacity to support the person with a disability to have a fulfilling quality of life, as everyone should.  Focal to this, is approaching each client as an individual with their own unique strengths, and utilising practical, evidence-based strategies to ensure movement towards achieving their goals.
I have 17 years experience working with people with disabilities, including 10 years as Team Leader of an Evolve Behaviour Support Service working with children for whom trauma and disability intersect.  The impact of trauma and abuse on the lives of young people are widespread, and have implications for service delivery and support.  Providing clinical support for children in care is crucial to increasing the efficacy of both therapy and behaviour support for the individual.  This is where my passion lies. 

When I'm not at work, I am a proud mother of two children, and enjoy spending time with family and friends, keeping fit, and travelling. 


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